5 Tips to Stay Healthy at the Beach


DSC_0364Living in Florida means I have to count on being in a bikini year round. No more hibernating in the winter and getting back on track in the spring 90 days before Memorial Day…uh uh! It’s full time, baby! Especially with a pool in my home! So, I keep rigid with my workout routine and eat healthy.

Going to the beach, though, is another story. We all love to indulge in the giant bucket of french fries, chicken fingers, hamburgers fully loaded and a huge cup of ice cold soda. Oh, and don’t forget the extra large ice cream cone for dessert, right? WRONG! That is not going to make your sexy body stay sexy during the day…but here are a few tips that will!

Five tips to stay healthy while at the beach:

1. Bring your own food and snacks like nut mix, fresh fruit, healthy sandwiches (use wraps instead of bread or sub rolls) or veggies and hummus and put it in a backpack cooler to keep it cold.

2. Drink lots of water with fresh lemon. It fills you up and keeps you hydrated.

3. If you must eat food from the boardwalk, seek out a healthy alternative. Many places are offering salads, veggie burgers and some fresh grilled fish tacos…but beware of fishy sushi.

4. Take long walks along the water. Sitting down at your blanket can get boring and boredom leads to eating (not to mention a nasty sunburn if you fall asleep for a while) You can collect seashells. All the squatting and bending down will give your muscles an extra workout, and you will add some pretty shells to your collection…and maybe give you some extra time with your kids.

5. Go for a run along the water. The sand provides not only extra cushion, but resistance to strengthen your calves.

Of course, we all know that swimming in the water is great exercise, especially when it comes to fighting the waves and the current. The beach is not only a great place to retreat to when you need to relax. It’s an amazing place to get healthy.